Coworking spaces that bring light:
where to work when it is dark in Kyiv
Where to go if there is no electricity, the Internet is not working, and, nevertheless, you have to work? The most up-to-date selection of co-working spaces that your productivity will not be affected with.
The availability of Starlink and generators, the number of power grids, etc. — we have collected the most up-to-date information.
Save, share and write to us if you know of any other open locations.

In the city center, you will find the "Kooperativ" co-working space (23-A, Sichovyh Striltsiv St.).

The team is already in the process of installing the generator and Starlink, and so far two providers are connected in the space (they say that there have been no interruptions yet) and two power grid lines.

There is a free test day, and a regular day starts at $20 or $200/month.
Beeworking is located not far from the Exhibition Center (Borysoglibska St. 15-B)

Here you will hardly face any unexpected problems because the co-working space has a generator, two providers, and in a week or two - its own Starlink! You can stay here for a day ($20) or buy a subscription for half a month/month ($120).
The Workit workspace is located right in Nyvky Park (Marka Bezruchka St., 24)

The team has prepared well and can provide you with three providers, a generator, and a Starlink. The cost of the daily tariff is 400 uah, there are also convenient variations of subscriptions. Pleasant bonuses of the subscription are the options to use conference rooms, Skype rooms, and attend events.
A co-working space with a name that warms the heart of every Ukrainian is located in a historic building at the address of Yaroslaviv Val St., 15. There is a generator there, two providers, and power grids.

An hour of work costs 120uah, and a day — UAH 600uah.
All profits from co-working services are donated to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
A co-working space with its own rotorcraft is located not far from Olimpiysky, on Volodymyrska St., 101. The workspace is also reliably protected from any blackouts by Starlink, two providers and two power grids. Moreover, we were told that the electricity has never been cut off here.

A day of work costs $25.

The team actively helps the country and people, in particular. During this time more than 100 cars were bought and given to the needs of the Armed Forces, a free online program has been launched with the best world coaches and the team continues to bring investors to Ukraine for office hours.
They also shared with us a photo of the bomb shelter, where the LIFT99 team arranged a room for residents - with Internet, tables, warm drinks and blankets.
Platforma Leonardo
There is a co-working space with uninterrupted power supply and a priority power supply line located next to the Golden Gate (52/17 Volodymyrska Street). Two providers, three power grids and a comfortable space — this is actually what a Kyiv resident needs.

Day pass — 300 uah.
Platforma Artzavod
This space lives up to its name, as most of the residents are creative teams, developers and artists. Two providers, three power grids and a generator that will work right since the next week — ideal conditions for fruitful work.

You can work nearby and be creatively inspired every day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and a day pass costs 200 uah.

Address: Bilomorska Str., 1-A.
Coworking, which has its own gallery of Ukrainian innovations, is open at the address, str. Nyzhnokliuchova, 14.
The space is equipped with high-speed Internet with uninterrupted power and two power grids, and the generator is already on its way to the recipient.

A daily subscription costs 500 uah.

Besides, there is a shelter for residents - there is a lounge area on the basement floor with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime.
The Creative States network is represented by four locations in Kyiv:

• Creative State of Arsenal (Knyaziv Ostrozkih str. 8, building 7)
• Creative State of Arsenal 2 (Knyaziv Ostrozkih str. 8, building 12)
• Creative State of Gulliver (Business Centre Gulliver, 29th floor, Sports Square, 1-a)
• Creative State of Senator (Business Centre Senator, 14th floor, Knyaziv Ostrozkih Str., 32)
Each "State" has its own style and thought out design. In addition to the atmosphere that inspires new achievements, working there is also productive: the locations are equipped with generators, backup power grids and, very soon, starlinks.

The cost of working in Open Space for one day is $30, for a month it is $270.

"Today, in addition to comfort and all the conditions for the efficient work of residents, the main priority is the safety of Creative States customers, and the policy of humanity is one of our basic values.

At the location of the Creative States of Arsenal group, there are two prepared bombshelters for our residents very closely located: one in the Checkpoint cyber club, the other in the Vognyk club. In case of a power outage, our partners from A Development have provided powerful generators of up to 1.25-1.5 MW. Residents of the Creative State of Gulliver use the shelter in the parking lot of the BC - a really decently equipped official shelter, certified by the State Emergency Service, with showers, toilets and a working area.

In all Creative States shelters, we stocked up on snacks, water, warm blankets, power banks, and keep spare charged phones. Each storage facility is fully equipped to work during an emergency - from the necessary furniture to a stable Internet connection," comments Ilya Kenihshtein, founder and CEO of Creative States.